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Marieke Woensdregt

Marieke Woensdregt

Modelling Metacommunication and Repair

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Radboud University in Nijmegen, where I work with Mark Dingemanse on his NWO Vidi project titled 'Elementary particles of conversation', in which we study pragmatics, error-tolerance and complexity in language. Within this project I am using computational modelling to explore how communicative repair and other strategies for streamlining communication could have emerged during language evolution, and how their emergence affects linguistic structure and process.

Modelling the Co-Evolution of Language and Mindreading

In April 2019 I defended my PhD thesis titled 'Co-evolution of language and mindreading: A computational exploration'. My PhD was supervised by Simon Kirby, Kenny Smith and Chris Cummins at the Centre for Language Evolution, University of Edinburgh. Find a pdf of my doctoral thesis here.

In my PhD I used agent-based models to formalise and explore the hypothesis that language and mindreading (a.k.a. theory of mind) have co-evolved. More specifically, I explored under what circumstances such a co-evolution could have gotten off the ground, given different assumptions about how language users and learners work, and what pressures may be at play in the cultural transmission of language.