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Find a summary of my academic CV below, and my full CV in pdf [here].

  • In January 2015 I started my PhD in the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh, supervised by Prof. Simon Kirby, Prof. Kenny Smith and Dr. Chris Cummins

  • From 2012 to 2014 I followed an MSc.Res. in Brain & Cognitive Sciences (Cognitive Science track) at the University of Amsterdam, graduating cum laude, with the following research projects and literature thesis:

    • Stats & Nets versus Rules & Symbols: Re-opening the Debate on Learning Mechanisms for Artificial Grammar Learning -- 1st year research project on learning 'algebraic rules' in neural networks, under supervision of Dr. Jelle Zuidema

    • Modelling the Role of Theory of Mind in Language Acquisition -- 2nd year research project on incorporating perspective-taking in models of word learning in Bayesian agents, under supervision of Prof. Simon Kirby and Prof. Kenny Smith

    • On the Role of Intentionality in Explaining the Information Sharing Gap Between Nonhuman and Human Great Apes -- 2nd year literature thesis under supervision of Prof. Bridget Waller

  • From 2009 to 2012 I simultaneously followed a BSc in Psychobiology and a BA in Dutch Language and Culture (Linguistics Track) at the University of Amsterdam, in which I graduated with the following theses:

    • The relationship between phonology and morphosyntax in sentence processing: An ERP study into Dutch past tense allomorphs -- Research project for BSc in Psychobiology, supervised by Prof. Judith Rispens

    • On the Semantic Motivation and Disappearance of Embedded V2 in Dutch Dialects -- Research project for BA in Dutch Language and Culture, supervised by Prof. Hedde Zeijlstra.