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Find a list of my publications below, or go to my Google Scholar page.

Journal articles:

Woensdregt, M., Cummins, C., & Smith, K. (under review). A computational model of the cultural co-evolution of language and mindreading.

Book chapters:

Woensdregt, M. & Smith, K. (2017). Pragmatics and Language Evolution. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Linguistics. [Preprint on PsyArXiv]

Conference papers:

Woensdregt, M., Kirby, S., Cummins, C. & Smith, K. (2016). Modelling the co-development of word learning and perspective-taking. Proceedings of 38th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. [Open access in CogSci Proceedings 2016]

PhD thesis:

Woensdregt, M.S. (2019). Co-evolution of language and mindreading: A computational exploration. Submitted in fulfilment of the degree of Doctor of Philosophy to School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences, University of Edinburgh [pdf]